Washing Instructions and Product Safety

Our goal is to help you keep your Freezer Teethers as clean, sanitized, and playful as possible! Please follow the guidelines below to sanitize your Freezer Teethers.


To wash Freezer Teethers, including Loveys:

Wash in washing machine in cold water, on gentle cycle. Allow to air dry in an open space until completely dry. Or pop in the freezer from the washer!


Spray with a mild bleach/water solution and allow to air dry in an open space.


Clean surface soiling with a damp towel and allow to fully air dry in an open space.


To clean wooden rings:

Wood can be cleaned with the Freezer Teether, in the same manner.

If soiling is on wood, it can be lightly sanded with a mild sandpaper.


Wood should not split, crack, or splinter. If this occurs, please discard Freezer Teether immediately.

If cracking, splintering, or splitting of wood occurs within the first month from purchase, please contact us with a picture of your product and we will give you a full refund.